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Museums Top 200: From The Met to The Natural History Museum, These Are the Most Influential Museums in the World

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Whether you’re new to Museums or have spent decades visiting them. You could be worse-off than to read the short descriptions of Museums that have been around for decades inspiring and sharing artefacts from history with millions of people from across the world.

So we’ve compiled a list from top Museums. It’s a list of influential organisations at effectively having soft-power and being pro-active, particularly in the digital sphere.

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Our Museums list is an automatic algorithm based on social media influence, Klout scores and a secret recipe.

We take into account various metrics from Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram. This list gets updated once a year. All entries are considered by our admins, and spray-fito reserves the right to accept or forbid people from the list as it deems fit.

Follow these Museums to keep up with trends. You will also learn what resources they use to stay in the know.

The 200 Most Influential Museums

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The spray-fito Museums list is compiled using a number of metrics combining to produce rank order. Two of the main influencers on a persons ranking are their social media profiles and regular media coverage. Our sister company Marketing Runners specialises in increasing the influence of brands and personalities. If you are a person or company that wants greater exposure you can contact the Marketing Runners team who will be able to help.

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