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4 Great Ways to Improve Customer Support

Customer support

Customer support is very important for every business. On the one hand, it helps to solve customers’ issues connected with your products. On the other hand, customer support builds an image of your company, and this image greatly depends on the support quality. 

Sometimes even a good product can’t retain customers if the support is not responsive, rude or insufficient. And vice versa, good support can turn a person into a loyal customer even if a product is not that good. Of course, it doesn’t mean that quality of your products or service is secondary to support quality, you should work hard on both these aspects.

1. Create a good first impression

You won’t have an opportunity to create a first impression more than once. So this point matters a lot. A good impression includes such things as:

  • Reply speed: the faster, the better.
  • Quality of the reply: you should really answer the question rather than copy and paste typical messages without even proper reading.
  • Communication skills: it’s important for support team members to have good knowledge of the language your business uses for communication with the customers.

2. Use previous information about your clients

Some issues may be connected with the previous once. So having a track of all tickets of a particular customer is a good way to save time and understand the situation on the whole.

3. Configure your support system

Relevant support team members should get instant notifications when tickets are created by customers. This will help to reply as soon as possible.

Moreover, the overall configuration of your support system can either help your business or ruin it. For example, it’s not always necessary to notify a customer that his ticket was forwarded to another team member/ department and then returned to the first department. This looks like you are not going to fix the issue, only forward it to each other.

4. Create a knowledge base

Let’s be honest: most questions that are sent to the support team can be easily answered by customers themselves. It’s enough just to look for an answer. Make it easier by creating a knowledge base with all the frequently asked questions. Divide them into sections for fast scanning.

Having a knowledge base section will help you to decrease the number of tickets and increase reply speed as a support team member won’t have to write the answer from the scratch again and again, he can just send a link to it. 

Final thoughts

At the beginning of your business growth support can hardly be your top priority. You will mostly think about how to attract customers and get more sales. As your business is growing, you have more clients and as a result – more customers issues. Sometimes they occur through no fault of yours, just because a customer has configured or done something not correctly. But still you will have to cope with that and answer all the questions and requests timely. This means that on this stage you will have to spend more on your customer support. Business growth usually requires a quickly developing support department.

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