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A New Era of Diversity in China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines Diversity

China Eastern Airlines Co. Ltd declared on Tuesday that sixteen Indian women had attained pro preparation as air hostesses and would commence to work at the companies Beijing-Shanghai-New Delhi flight starting from Saturday.

For the first time in Chinese aviation history has a group of Indian air hostesses been hired. Their wages each month will equal to $800 per individual, alleged a spokesperson for the China Eastern Airlines.

China Eastern Airlines Co. Ltd

To enrol foreign-born stewardesses is among the standards China Eastern Airlines has called for to further localise its air-travel services. Presently, the company has enrolled a hundred on-the-wing attendees from foreign nations including Japan, South Korea, and India. It is also preparing to enlist more attendees from the Philippine Islands, and Russia, according to the spokesperson. Will this be a one and only, or a first of many? Stay tuned to spray-fito.ru to find out.

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