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Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs Top 200: From Elon Musk to Melinda Gates, These Are the Most Influential Do-Gooders in the World

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The 200 Most Influential Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs 2017: 

Whether you’re a would-be Philanthropist/Social-Entrepreneur or have spent decades being one. You could be worse-off than to read the short biographies of those who’ve been through the journey before.

So we’ve compiled a list from top Philanthropists and Social-Entrepreneurs. It’s a list of influential people at effectively having soft-power and being pro-active, particularly at being socially concerned.

Here’s what some of them said about this list:

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Our Philanthropists and Social-Entrepreneurs list is an automatic algorithm based on social media influence, Klout scores and a secret recipe.

We take into account various metrics from Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram. This list gets updated once a year. All entries are considered by our admins, and spray-fito reserves the right to accept or forbid people from the list as it deems fit. Please bear in mind we do not measure net-worth, but rather social-worth. This list is not about how rich these people are, but rather how influential they are.

Follow these Philanthropists and Social-Entrepreneurs to keep up with trends. You will also learn what resources they use to stay in the know.

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The spray-fito Philanthropists and Social-Entrepreneurs list is compiled using a number of metrics combining to produce rank order. Two of the main influencers on a persons ranking are their social media profiles and regular media coverage. Our sister company Marketing Runners specialises in increasing the influence of brands and personalities. If you are a person or company that wants greater exposure you can contact the Marketing Runners team who will be able to help.

Inspired by Tim Campbell MBE

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