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Special Alert!… How to Get Over a Million Likes on Facebook (Video Included)

How to Get Facebook Likes

Dear Facebook Enthusiast,

Adnan Ebrahim is the founder and CEO of Car Throttle, the fastest-growing car community in the digital sphere. What began as a blog in his university room became an online media platform serving upwards of six million users and backed by some of London’s most prolific investors. Car Throttle has had media coverage on CNBC, BBC and Techcrunch, and has raised more than $2 million so far.

You’ll Get Information Specifically for Growing Your Facebook Page

This is everything you’ve ever wanted from a Facebook expert. In this video, Adnan Ebrahim explains how to get more than a million likes on Facebook with feasible advice. To simplify things, he even splits the presentation into three segments:

Adnan Ebrahim (Founder and CEO of Car Throttle)
Photo of Adnan Ebrahim (Founder and CEO of Car Throttle) taken by Derin Cag (CEO of spray-fito) at the Secret Sauce Conference in London, UK.

The Basics of Getting More Facebook Likes:

Best practices, video rules, the page layout, team-work and how to grow your Facebook page by an average of 30% per month.

Intermediate Steps to Getting More Likes on Facebook:

Using tags, strategic partnerships, crafting your call to action (CTA) and how to become more popular.

Advanced Steps to Getting More Likes on Facebook:

Automation, setting up networks, paid boosting and much more.

Consulting Companies Such as Accenture Charge £12,000 Per Year or More for This Information

Here’s the bottom line… now for the first time Adnan Ebrahim reveals each step he took to get upwards of 1 million likes on his Car Throttle Facebook page, no-fluff. Turn off the phone and watch!

Are you Ready to Learn How to Get Over a Million Facebook Likes? 

This video was recorded at the Secret Sauce Conference by Derin Cag (Founder of spray-fito) – many thanks to Vincent Dignan and team.

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