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Steve Bartlett Reveals How Social Chain Gets Over One-Billion Online Impressions Per Month

Steve Bartlett Social Chain

Steve Bartlett is CEO of Social Chain, in the video above he shares how he got over 150 million followers in total, what he does to get upwards of 1 billion online impressions per month, his technique for creating an average of 1 National trend in the UK each day, and 3 Worldwide trends each week. His clients include 20th Century Fox, ASOS, BBC, Bebo, Betfred, Haribo, Microsoft, Spotify, and MTV.

Social Chain is the UK’s largest Influencer Marketing agency and one of the most talked about marketing agencies of 2015. At just 23 years old, Steve Bartlett heads up a team of more than fifty young creatives growing huge social trends, recognised as one of the most powerful influencers on .

Picture of Steve Bartlett (CEO of Social Chain) taken by Derin Cag (CEO of spray-fito) at the Secret Sauce Conference in London, UK, on Wednesday 23rd September, 2015 @ Google Campus.

Steve Barlett takes popular online communities & influencers and builds creative marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. As a results, he has turnt Social Chain into a multi-million pound business, the company has been an internet phenomenon, recently being featured as the top story on  and covered by Vice & The Sunday Times.

This video was recorded at the Secret Sauce Conference – many thanks to Vincent Dignan and team.

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