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Top Success Tips From Apprentice’s Mark Wright (Exclusive Video Interview)

Derin cag (Founder of spray-fito) and Mark Wright (Winner of BBC The Apprentice Series 10)

We’re honoured to present this exclusive interview with successful entrepreneur Mark Wright, Founder & CEO of Climb-Online.

You Haven’t Seen This Mark Wright Interview On The Guardian …

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Mark Wright, winner of BBC The Apprentice (Series 10) and business partner to Lord Sugar shares his experience, knowledge, and good judgement on success, telling us what he believes is essential for people aspiring to reach their goals in business.

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Furthermore, we asked Mark about what being an entrepreneur means to him, how he brought in revenues of more than £1.5 million in his first year of trading – and more!

You’re in for a treat!

Business wasn’t always easy for Mark Wright though; he’s had companies that turned-over less than £20K per year in the past. We caught up with him and asked questions that have never been asked before.

Also Find Out Where Mark Wright is Headed in the Next Five Years …

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You can also find Mark Wright on our British Entrepreneurs Top 100 List.

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